Unique Things To Do In Seattle

Dreaming of your Seattle adventure? Get ready to be captivated by the city’s extraordinary offerings! As you think about making Seattle your new home, this blog introduces you to 10 unique activities that will take your experience beyond the ordinary. 

Discover a world of unconventional activities in the city, from hidden gems to offbeat explorations. Keep reading to find out all the unique things to do in Seattle.

Don’t Miss These Unique Spaces

  1. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Step into a world of wonders at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. This iconic emporium offers a fascinating collection of oddities, curiosities, and intriguing artifacts, making it a true gem in Seattle’s landscape.

  1. The Museum of Pop Culture

For the best things to do in Seattle, head to The Museum of Pop Culture. Immerse yourself in pop culture artifacts, exhibitions, and interactive installations that celebrate creativity in all its forms.

  1. Steve’s Weird House

Steve’s Weird House is a playground of oddities perfect for those seeking a dose of unusual charm in the heart of Seattle. Experience art and the city’s spirited character all in one place.

  1. The Gum Wall

Witness Seattle’s unique artistry at The Gum Wall. This colorful spectacle in the historic Pike Place Market is a testament to the creativity, humor, and the city’s spirited character, where chewed gum becomes an art form.

  1. James Turrell Skyspace

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing experience at James Turrell Skyspace. Located at the Henry Art Gallery, this innovative art installation plays with light and color, offering a unique perspective on perception and the sky.

  1. Rubber Chicken Museum

Yep, it’s a thing! Explore the Rubber Chicken Museum, where you can witness the fun side of Seattle in this wonderfully wacky space. Here, rubber chickens steal the spotlight, showcasing a blend of humor and creativity that’s sure to make you smile.

  1. Hat ‘N’ Boots

If you’re looking for an iconic sight, you’ve got to check out Hat ‘N’ Boots. These massive accessories in Georgetown create such a whimsical landscape that represents Seattle’s charming quirkiness. So, make sure to take a photo in front of it!

  1. Burke Museum Ichthyology Collection

Dive into a sea of knowledge at the Burke Museum Ichthyology Collection. Uncover the incredible world of aquatic life through a unique lens, exploring a collection showcasing fish species’ diversity and beauty.

  1. Pac Man Park

A playful nod to the arcade era, this spot brings retro fun to Seattle’s parkscape. This spot’s a perfect blend of history and entertainment that you must check out with your family and friends when looking for what to do in Seattle. 

  1. Howe Street Stairs

Step up to the challenge at Howe Street Stairs. This hidden gem offers a unique workout experience while treating you to panoramic views of Seattle. Climb the steps and conquer fitness goals and picturesque sights in one extraordinary adventure.

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