3 Methods To Train Your Dog To Go Potty Outside

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As dog owners and pet lovers, we always have a lot of things to teach our furry friends. After adopting them into our family, they must be house-trained to go outside instead of relieving themselves in the house or on furniture and beds. 

Not only does this keep your home clean and smelling fresh, but it also keeps you and your dog healthy. So if you just got a new dog but didn’t know where to start, read on for tips and tricks on potty training your puppy.

Train Your Dog Like A Pro By Following These 3 Methods

The Poop Spot Method

The first and most important step in potty training your dog is to pick a designated spot for them to “go.” Once you have picked this spot, simply scoop up any poop your dog relieves in this spot and leave it there. Next, take your dog to the spot you have chosen for them to go potty.

Once they begin sniffing around, use a command like “go potty” and reward them with praise. Avoid letting your dog play in this area or go anywhere near it until they have pooped.

The Leash Training Method

Another great way to potty train your dog is by using a leash and taking them for walks to the spot you have chosen as their designated “poop” spot. That can help reinforce good habits and keep your dog confined to that area until they go. Make sure to keep your dog on a tight leash, and don’t let them potty anywhere else until they have gone to their designated spot. 

Remember to take your dog to its designated spot immediately after meals and naps. That will help keep them from having to “hold it” and potentially potty inside. Over time and with consistent training, they will develop a habit of going outside in their designated spot every time.

The Designated Area Method

Finally, if you want to create a specific area where they can potty outside, the best method is simply to designate an area for their potty training needs. They should be away from any distractions and kept clean at all times. You may even choose to offer your dog treats in this spot when you take them out to go potty. 

The key is to keep them in this area until they go and immediately reward them with praise and a treat. If you are consistent in your training methods and use positive reinforcement, your dog will soon be potty trained in no time!

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