Kayak Paddling For Beginners: Getting Started With Confidence

Is every weekend the same routine of chores and errands? It’s time for a change! Make your weekend exciting with kayaking! Kayaking is an excellent way to stay healthy and active while having fun and relaxing away from the daily grind. 

If you have never gone kayaking, you may want to prepare and learn a few tips before getting into the water. So keep reading! Here you will find some of the best kayaking tips for beginners.

7 Tips To Become A Confident Kayaker & Paddle With Ease

If you haven’t gone kayaking, you might feel nervous. After all, it’s a completely new experience! But don’t worry – It’s easier than you think. Just keep in mind the following, and you will do great!

Choose A Calm Body Of Water 

The key is to start small. You want to choose a lake, river, or cove with gentle waves and few obstacles. For instance, if you live in Seattle, Lake Union is the best place to start.

Choose Your Kayak Based On The Type Of Water You’ll Be In  

Before you head out, pick a kayak suitable for the type of water you’ll be in. For example, if you paddle on Lake Union, an inflatable kayak would be a great option due to its lightweight and easy-to-transport features.

Be Aware Of Safety Precautions 

Before you get in the water, inspect your kayak, wear a life jacket, and bring a whistle. It is also important to know basic navigation rules, like when to yield and give way to other vessels.

Use Proper Paddling Technique 

Be mindful of your posture and paddling technique. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed, and hands around shoulder-width apart on the paddle. Establish a rhythm that works for you to conserve energy while moving efficiently.

Launch Your Kayak On A Flat Surface

Make sure you launch your boat in an area with a gradual slope and no drop-off. That will ensure you can safely enter your kayak without tipping it over.

Be Aware Of Wind Direction 

Wind can challenge new kayakers as it can cause your boat to drift or even flip over. Know which way the wind is blowing before you launch, and point your kayak in the opposite direction.

Learn How To Hold Your Kayak Paddle 

A good grip is the key to efficient paddling. Place your dominant hand at the top of the paddle and wrap your other hand around it, so it’s almost like shaking hands with yourself. That will help you get more power from each stroke.

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