Pet Care 101: 5 Essential Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy

When it comes to showing our furry friends some love, proper pet care is essential. If you have a busy schedule, you may think it’s giving your pet all the attention they need is impossible. But there are simple tips and tricks we can implement that make a difference in the health of our pets. 

With just a few small changes, we can help ensure the long-term well-being of our beloved pets. Read on for tips on how to make dog care easier, and keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

Take Care Of Your Pet By Doing The Following!

  1. A Yummy Snack

Reward your pet for good behavior with an icy snack that cools them down on hot summer days. Make chicken broth ice cubes with small apple cubes inside—pets love this treat!

  1. For Playing

When you’re busy or tired after work, give your pet a toy with one loop on one end and a ball on the other. That way, he can pull the ball while you’re sitting.

  1. Going Outside When It Is Snowing

Apply vaseline to your dog’s paws before walking in the snow to protect him from salt chemicals on the roads and sidewalks. That will help keep your puppy’s paws healthy and comfortable.

  1. Dental Care

Your puppy’s dental health is just as important as yours! According to Dr. Molly McAllister, 80% of animals that come to their hospitals come in with evidence of dental disease. That is why you must brush your puppy’s teeth with a finger or a toothbrush for dogs by flipping the lip up and doing a gentle scrub to remove bacteria and early signs of dental disease.

  1. Giving Medications

Giving your pet its medication doesn’t have to be so hard. You can buy treats over the counter with little holes in them to insert a pill. Or if your puppy is particularly squirmy, try using a pill gun to shoot the pill into their mouth, so they swallow it.

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